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Must-know tips for Grad Job - Assessment Centres

Introduction & Background Information

If you have been selected for an assessment centre, first off congratulations. It is an
incredible achievement to be shortlisted and you can finally get a taste of the company and
meet your potential employees. The assessment centre is testing how well you can
communicate and lead
, while not being pushy, judgemental or outspoken. The employers
want you to rise to the occasion and convey any ideas that you have for the specific task.
While you are completing tasks, the employers will be walking around and taking notes
about how you are performing and your engagement with the group (don’t stress too much
about this because once you get settled you won’t even realise they are there).


Preparation tips beforehand:

  • A lot of universities run mock assessment centres (i.e. through career connect at
    Monash) which can be helpful (especially if you’ve never done one before).

  • Preparation for assessment centres should more be focused around your
    professional and social skills
    rather than your technical skills. Focusing on
    leadership and how you work in teams
    will be extremely beneficial.

Assessment Centre Day

  • Get a good night’s sleep, wake up early and make sure all your clothes and bags are
    ready to go. This is especially critical if you have had to travel interstate for your
    assessment centre.

  • Collaborate, take a bit of a lead when necessary and ensure your team achieves
    goals but don’t dominate.

  • Listen equally to all team members, encourage quiet ones to input but ensure you
    stay on track to achieve goals.

  • Listen to instructions, demonstrate leadership qualities, demonstrate you can collaborate and ask questions about the company you are applying for. Remember you ultimately want to find a position you are suited to and that you are interested in.

  • Don’t be afraid to provoke thoughts in others by asking what-if questions that may
    be ridiculous. All thoughts in these scenarios are great thoughts!

  • Depending on the questions asked, try and apply what you’ve learnt in your studies
    to the situation. For instance, if you have completed a design unit how can your
    knowledge benefit the situation?


The assessment centre is where the stakes start increasing and you are going to have to put
your leadership, teamwork and communication skills into practice
. Be yourself and try to
act as naturally and collected as you can. Finally, try to enjoy yourself and get the most out
of speaking to different people from a wide range of backgrounds, while also asking
employees about the company and what you have the potential to do at that company..



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