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Must-know tips for Grad Job - Cognitive tests & assessments

Introduction & Background Information
Cognitive and psychometric testing are devices that companies use to gauge how a potential employee will react to certain situations. Cognitive testing is based upon your skills, logic, and literacy and numeracy skills. Psychometric testing is more relevant to your emotional and mental state. The Cognitive testing is looking to see how you approach problems and tasks, and more importantly how quickly you can react to instruction. It’s important to keep a calm and collected head while performing the cognitive test, and always read the questions carefully. The psychometric test is mainly trying to see if you’re a psychopath or not! (While also testing how you react to the emotional ques of others to see if you will be a good fit for the company).


  • There are a million practice tests available online. You will most likely score low on these, but in turn will score well on the actual test. Perhaps they’re set a little harder, but regardless, do the tests for question prep – results only matter on the application test.

  • Do them now and not later – of all the steps in applying for a graduate job this is the easiest… to lose in your emails. Just do it!

  • Have a calculator, pen and paper handy and stay calm. Try and be in a comfortable and quiet environment.

  • Remember, you are considered not solely on the outcome of these tests so don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just try your best and stay calm.

  • A lot of cognitive tests are often designed to take longer than the allocated time, don’t be disheartened if you don’t finish. The algorithms are set to look at the process that you took when answering a question (not just the time)

  • It’s pretty obvious if you try to game the system with personality/psychometric testing.

  • Be in the right mindset when completing them. Avoid taking them late at night, after a slog of a day with Uni work where you’re mentally exhausted. Set aside some time early in the day when you’re attentive to make the most of your abilities.

  • Tell your housemates/parents when and where you’ll be doing the test. Nothing worse than you focusing on a question and your mum comes in asking what you want for dinner

Almost all graduate positions will have some sort of cognitive and psychometric testing in the employment process, so being prepared while also being relaxed will give you an instant advantage over others.



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