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2020 Committee


Reece Hooper

Over my six years at Uni I’ve been passionate about enhancing the university experience for students. The culmination of this has been my two terms as MAMEC President leveraging my leadership skills and project management experience from roles in clubs, project teams and mentoring programs. I joined MAMEC in first year, stepped into the committee in third year as Assistant Treasurer, followed by Treasurer and then finally President. My vision for MAMEC is to scale up what we do which leading to new things like STEM Night, our Academic portfolio and an expanded committee to deliver all these new initiatives.

David Lin.jpg
David Lin

I’m in the final year of my Mechanical Engineering and Commerce degree, and am currently the secretary of MAMEC. I joined MAMEC in 2019 as an assistant treasurer, because I viewed MAMEC as a fantastic avenue for assisting other students studying mechanical engineering, and possessed a strong desire to contribute positively to the future career success of students. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising by climbing the 1000 steps and attending kickboxing training, and my other interests include listening to music as well as going on roadtrips. I am also a member of the student team MCAV. 

Isuri Pinto.jpg
Isuri Pinto


I’m in the fourth year in my Engineering/Commerce degree, specialising in Mechanical Engineering and Finance. This is my first year as part of the MAMEC committee, and I look forward to helping plan exciting and rewarding events for all mechanical and aerospace students. I believe MAMEC can be a huge asset in supporting all students survive their mech/aero degree. Outside of the club, I spend my time watching the cricket, listening to music 24/7 and playing the piano.



Vice President -
Events & Careers
Ananda Chu

I’m an Aerospace Engineering and Finance student, committed to helping M+AE students progress their career through providing opportunities for real education from the Engineering industry, on the top skills required to succeed professionally. I first joined MAMEC as Publications Officer then became the Vice-President.  Now, I’m the inaugural Vice-President for Events & Careers, which is the perfect role for me to test my leadership and to give back to the wider M+AE community. My main hobby is road cycling and I regularly compete. I have a strong interest in aviation and flew a plane twice on MAMEC’s flight day!

Vice President -
Communications & Sponsorship
Jennifer Bui



Being passionate about MAMEC’s growth as a club and a leader for M+AE students, I joined MAMEC as Publications Officer in 2019 and became the inaugural Vice-President for Communications and Sponsorship in 2020. I hope to continue to explore ways in which MAMEC connects with all M+AE students effectively and pursues its potential to the fullest. In my spare time, I assist in community management and social media for a leading esports organisation based in North America.

Vice President -
Caroline Li


I’m a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student and MAMEC’s 2020 Academic Vice President. I first joined MAMEC in 2019 as Careers Director, because I believe the club is a supportive and viable platform for M+AE students to connect with their peers and develop valuable skills. Outside of MAMEC, I am a mathematics tutor as I am extremely passionate about student education and learning. That’s why I would like to use my new position to expand what MAMEC has to offer, by introducing new academic related activities, events and resources to further benefit the students.


Darryl Tang.jpg
Careers Director
Darryl Tang




Born in Singapore but grew up in Australia. Ex Camberwell Grammar student. Served the military as a marksman commander in Singapore for 2 years and currently I am in my 4th year of my Mechanical Engineering degree at Monash.

My hobbies include playing and watching different sports like footy, table tennis and MMA.

Star Zographos.JPG
Mechanical Careers
Star Zographos



I am in my 2nd year, studying a double degree in Biomedical science and Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering. As a new member of the MAMEC careers team, I’m keen to get involved in some careers based events. Some personal passions of mine are coaching rowing, running with my dog, and dabbling in some art.

Karina Finlayson.png
Aerospace Careers
Karina Finlayson



I’m in my 2nd year of a double degree in Science and Aerospace Engineering. I’m joining MAMEC this year as the new Aerospace Careers Rep, and am looking forward to supporting students in understanding career paths and maximising their options after graduation. Outside of MAMEC, I’m a part of the Monash Cheerleading Team, Atlas, and a FaME mentor. In my free time I love to read and do escape rooms!


James Hackett-Smith.png
Careers Representative


Hey! I'm in my fourth year studying Mechanical Engineering and Finance. I've joined MAMEC because I want to use the experiences I've had to help other students who come to Monash, and be a part of a team that provides them with events and opportunities for personal growth and career development. Outside of uni, I love playing sport and umpiring footy. In my spare time I also like to work on my own engineering projects at home.

Jacob Brown.jpeg
Careers Representative
Jacob Brown


 Hey there! I’m in my 5th year studying Mechanical Engineering and Science Double Degree. As a new member of the MAMEC committee I hope to bring  students an opportunity to help understand their career paths and to provide students with how to gain key skills required of all workplaces. Outside of MAMEC I love watching the footy, playing tennis and going for walks along the beach.


Events Director
Bowen Zhang






I'm the Events Director!

Activities Officer
Shaun Blake







I’m an Activities Officer!

Julian Kiono.jpg
Activities Officer 
Julian Kiono




I’m currently in my 3rd year of my Engineering degree, specialising in Mechanical engineering. Born and raised in Indonesia and came to Australia to further continue my Bachelors degree. I’m a physics enthusiast and love traveling. My hobbies include playing football, eating and sleeping. Secret Life of Walter Mitty is my favourite movie. 





Academic Director
James MacKinnon


I’m a fourth year Aerospace Engineering and Commerce undergrad and the Academic Director in MAMEC. I am originally from WA and I lived on Res for the past 3 years, joining the MAMEC committee this year. I wanted to help create events that support the academic development of engineering students in Mec and Aero degrees. I am also an Aero structural team member in HPR and spend my time building rockets, studying and gaming.

Amir Rahimi.jpeg
Postgraduate Representative
Amir Rahimi


 I’m a Mechanical Engineer and am currently in the final year of my Master of Advanced  Engineering degree. This is my first year as part of the MAMEC committee, and I look forward to supporting the academic development of M+AE students. Outside of MAMEC, I am a mentor of the course work mentoring program in MGA as I have a strong interest in sharing experiences with peers. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising , listening to music and travelling.


Maren Oghanna.jpg
Publications Director
Maren Oghanna



I’m currently in my 5th and (hopefully) final year of a mech-eng/Biomed double degree. This is my second year on the MAMEC comms team because I felt the club had great value to give to students and I felt I could help spread it. I love all kinds of sports, currently playing soccer and boxing, skiing during the season. 




Connie Potts.jpg
Web & Socials Director
Connie Potts



I'm in the 4th year of my Eng/Comm double degree, specialising in Mechanical Engineering and Finance. I lived on res for the first few years of my degree, where I was an RA, and this year joined MAMECs communications team to help spread the word on all the cool stuff we are doing.

Outside of MAMEC, I play footy for the Monash Blues, enjoying watching sport and am a passionate skier.


Communications Assistant
Andre Briffa



Originally from Tasmania, I moved to Melbourne in 2019 to start studying at Monash. I am now in my second year of Arts/Eng, specialising in Aerospace Engineering and Italian Studies. I joined MAMEC originally as the first year representative in 2019 and really enjoyed the position. This year I hope to further the club’s position with the younger students and be an avenue of support during these trying times. I enjoy hockey, tennis and listening to music in my spare time. 

Carol Xu.jpg
Communications General
Carol Xu



I’m a fourth I’m in 2nd year studying Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Science. Having joined MAMEC this year as a part of the Communications Portfolio, I’m excited to help with coordination of inner operations and help others discover more of what the club has to offer! Aside from academic endeavours I love calligraphy and rehearsing with my dance crew.

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